Advertiser T&Cs


Terms of Service

Within this agreement Hair and Beauty Finder Ltd shall be 'The Seller’ and the company or individual placing the order shall be ‘The Buyer’. We reserve the right to periodically modify these terms and conditions and clients undertake to revisit these on a quarterly basis in order to re-familiarise themselves with their obligations.


The Seller shall provide the buyer with a dedicated advertising campaign based around the demographics and categories agreed at the point of sale. Upon receipt of payment The Buyer agrees to this contract, and the contract is deemed to have started on the date of payment.

The Buyer’s advert/s will be activated and launched within 48 working hours of the order date unless otherwise specified by the buyer or seller at the point of sale.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for any copyright issues which arise from any graphics or images which we use at any time to create your advert that are supplied by you or taken with your permission from your website or any other source authorised by you.

We will endeavour to ensure your adverts are live and correct at all times. If there is any incorrect information anywhere, including links to your website, you need to advise us immediately so we can amend it. Technical services sometimes need maintenance or encounter problems which may result in your adverts experiencing downtime, in this very rare event we will carry out the necessary work immediately to resolve the problem.

Duration of Contract

This contract will automatically renew from the date of entering into the contract until such time as the contract is terminated by either party. The buyers billing cycle will be specified at the point of sale and all accounts are subject to a small annual maintenance fee.

Cancellation of Contract

Either party can cancel the subscription by giving seven days’ notice via Cancellation of service can only be accepted where there are no outstanding balances on the buyers account.

Refund Policy

In the event that The Buyers advert has not been launched The Buyer may be entitled to a refund, in part or in full, of the first payment. All refund requests should be emailed to In the event that you have purchased ancillary products refunds will only be authorised where work has not commenced. Once the work has commenced, you are liable for full payment of the entire invoice amount and no refund will be due.


All payments are taken using the credit or debit card nominated by you at the point of sale unless otherwise instructed. All payments are processed securely and are compliant with PCI Security Council standards.

Advertiser Promotions

If you are signing up to one of our advertiser promotions, your account will automatically renew after the specified trial period at our standard annual tariff which will be stated at the point of sale on the "feature your business" page. It is the advertisers responsibility to cancel their account inside the specified time frame in order for the account to not automatically renew.